Cryptocurrency Confessions Of A Former Secret Intelligence Agent

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Former United States Secret Service agent Richard LaTulip cited his experiences. LaTulip, who has fought cybercrime for much of his career, has also made confessions about cryptocurrency investments. “I could have been a millionaire”. Agent, who served 22 years in the Secret Service, said of the cryptocurrency investment opportunities he faced in the mission.

Former agent Richard LaTulip, who served 22 years in the United States Secret Service (USSS), shared both his difficulties in fighting cybercrime and his views on cryptocurrencies. LaTulip, who spent most of his 25-year career mixing with fraudsters and cybercriminals and collecting evidence, spoke of the difficulties of his double life.

He had many opportunities to invest in cryptocurrencies

Richard LaTulip described how he encountered many different situations while working undercover, as well as various cryptocurrency businesses. Agent said he played the role of receiver to seize stolen data from some hackers. He’d been forced to use methods outside of traditional ways to pay them.

He claimed that when he infiltrated a community by pretending to be a volunteer to retrieve stolen data during the mission, he assumed the role of a real cryptocurrency defender. An agent who stated that he never believed in cryptocurrencies at that time, because of this idea, he never approached the investment, although he had many opportunities to invest while he was in the community.

“I could be a cryptocurrency millionaire”

Richard LaTulip said that while Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are still quite early, he has learned a lot about cryptocurrencies among computer criminals. Former agent always said to himself, ” Where is the real value, where does the money go, which coin should I buy?

“Maybe I could have gotten 20-30 coins, if not a few thousand dollars, but I never did. I had so many opportunities.…”

LaTulip said that many people around him begged him to board the cryptocurrency ship at the time. He pushed them with the opposite hand because he did not really have faith in cryptocurrencies at the time.

“I look at the record prices of cryptocurrencies today and I look back and think; I should have been on that ship.”

He worked for the government during the day. While at night he was in the role of a cybercriminal
Former agent Richard LaTulip worked from 2005 to about 2009 in the role of someone claiming to be the recipient of data stolen by hackers. LaTulip said that working online at night as a cybercriminal and being a US Secret Service agent during the day is a very difficult lifestyle.

“Unlike what appeared in films and television, there was not only action; I was writing reports, recording evidence, documenting conversations. I had to attend lengthy meetings with representatives of the USSS.”

Asked in an interview if he had a list of the five most dangerous cybercriminals, LaTulip said that such a list does not exist. He does not keep a scoreboard on the criminals he encounters. Referring to what he had encountered during his career, the former agent expressed that he had seen enough to know that any person could be a highly successful hacker at any moment.

“Some chose to use their skills to make the internet a safer place for everyone. Others, on their own grounds, went in a different direction.”

LaTulip said he has traveled almost all over the world. Stated that he believes that all the people who live on earth are actually good in it. For this reason, he said he did his best to treat and respect everyone equally, from colleagues to the most notorious criminals, and he also noted that this has been very useful throughout his career.

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