Cryptocurrencies in Esports and Gaming


Bitcoin, which has long been on the rise in value, had seen $23,000 yesterday. Bitcoin, one of the biggest winners of the pandemic era, continues its growth unabated. Cryptocurrencies, which have started to be accepted and used in many sectors, have also entered the esports sector.

  • Satoshis Games announced that it has developed a Fortnite-like game called Lightnite, where interaction between players results in prize money or penalties for the user. Satoshis Games said: “in simple words, players win Bitcoin by hitting other players, and when they get hit, they lose Bitcoin.”
  • The SBI esports team announced that esports players will receive salaries through Ripple (XRP). SBI esports, a longtime Ripple partner, added that this sponsorship deal was a way to diversify its portfolio within the blockchain industry.
  • Even a cryptocurrency called ESPORTCOINS has taken its place in the market. We were not surprised when the one who broke the rope issued cryptocurrencies.
  • Most esports betting sites have started to use cryptocurrencies, moving the masses.

It is not known whether this unstoppable growth of bitcoin will decline as it did 2-3 years ago, but it is not likely to stop anytime soon. Given that he has achieved so much success in this online life that we have passed in 2020, we are looking forward to what awaits us in 2021. How much more the gaming and esports sector will be affected by cryptocurrencies is a big question mark…

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