Breath Held, Tomorrow Mt. The Gox Conundrum Will Be Solved: What Will Happen To 140,000 BTC?

The notorious Mt. The deadline for solving the Gox case is tomorrow. The Gox case points to a possible outcome for the long-running tangle of events on December 15.

Meter. The Gox trial’s deadline for coordinating the” rehabilitation plan ” is December 15, but those affected fear further postponements. Most users say they expect to get their losses. But again, many have lost hope that the riddle will be solved on December 15th. Meter. Gox is set to complete his notorious life tomorrow with a $ 2.6 billion payout plan. But few victims expect a positive outcome.

What About 140 Thousand BTC?
December 15 October 2020 the repayment plan, which was due to be submitted, was postponed to December 15, 2020. Now, however, we are only hours away from presenting this plan. There is only one question on their minds at the moment, if the plan is presented, will the situation have a bear effect on the markets? It expects 140,000 BTC to be paid to victims, which corresponds to $ 2.6 billion through the repayment plan.

There are fears that if these BTCs are released, there could be a serious decline in Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market. It is believed that victims will sell the BTC for profit after receiving it, which will create serious sales pressure.

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