Bitcoins (BTC), which the world-famous singer did not accept as payment, are now worth $ 4.7 billion!

World-famous British singer Lily Allen had turned down 200,000 Bitcoins that had been offered as payment for a concert in 2009. The payment corresponds to $ 4.7 billion at today’s prices.

British singer-songwriter Lily Allen turned down a business that would have generated 200,000 Bitcoin revenues in 2009, more than the current rate of $ 4.7 billion. According to a report published by the NME in December 2017, Lily Allen turned down the opportunity to receive payments with hundreds of thousands of BTC. Allen had described the missed job in a tweet published in 2014, when the price of Bitcoin was still below $ 1,000.

Allen had blamed himself for rejecting those BTCS when she tweeted. If Allen regretted turning down the concert at the time, she is probably in great pain today. If Allen had accepted this payment and never touched the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin would have made a big profit by reaching Ath.

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