Bitcoin Whales Activate $ 515 Million BTC!

Coinputin.com – Popular tracking service Whale Alert has noticed a high amount of Bitcoin (BTC) being transferred in the last ten hours. The amount transferred is 29,529 BTC.

$ 515m Bitcoin in action
Whale Alert reported two large transactions with less than an hour difference between them. A total of 22,529 Bitcoins were moved through these transfers. The amount in question is equivalent to $ 515.1 million. The first transaction was made by an anonymous cryptocurrency whale and sent to the wallet 3Nv6sFYgfR3H9Q89xwBmnoNpqyR9GfB25k. According to the crypto follower, in the next transaction, the money was moved from this address to a cryptocurrency storage company called Xapo.

BTC withdrawn from exchanges at 16-month high
In the past two days, the leading cryptocurrency has traded around $ 23,000, just below the $ 23,600 peak, the highest ever reached. It moves slightly up or down. Data provider Glassnode reported that the amount of Bitcoin withdrawn from crypto exchanges has reached a new peak in the last sixteen months (1 day MA (monthly average).

Currently,the amount of BTC coming out of the exchanges is $ 80,653,491.03. At the time of writing, BTC was trading at $ 23,085, according to CoinGecko data.

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