Bitcoin Troll On Reddit Wins $ 24K


Reddit user sold the tokens he had earned on the platform and bought Bitcoin with the money he had earned. Bitcoin, which the Reddit troll bought, is currently worth 24 thousand dollars. Explaining the process on Reddit, the user said:

“I love you all, thanks Reddit.”

Reddit user Cryptorich13 explained that he bought Bitcoin with the Moon tokens he sold. The user had 24 thousand dollars worth of BTC in his hand, while the number of Moon tokens he sold was 80 thousand. Cryptorich13 said in its share:

“In 2017, I was trolling on Reddit. This year, Reddit rewarded me with 80 thousand Moon tokens. I also bought Bitcoin by selling these tokens (0.92 BTC). The BTC I have now is worth $ 23,736.

I just made 24 grand with trolls and humorous shares.

Thank You Reddit, thank you crypto community.”

Cryptorich13, which documented its purchase and shared it on 4chan, said in September 2020, “I sell tokens by dividing them by 1000. 10 cents again, I’ll sell more. I have almost 1 BTC.”it seems that he said. In the continuation of the shares, the user also shared some screenshots as proof of the purchases.

Screenshot shared by cryptorich13. The user notes that he has converted his Moon tokens to Dai through various platforms. He then sends Dai to the Binance exchange, expressing that he bought Bitcoin.

Another user also sold their tokens
Commenting on Cryptorich13’s post on Reddit, crypto_grandma said it ” sold 0.1 thousand Moon tokens for 6 BTC. At the time, the moon token was $ 0.17-18, and the BTC was also at $ 10,500.” said.

Some users congratulated those who were selling, while others expressed that they wanted to sell the tokens they had. However, there were also those who wondered what the token was and how it was received.

What is Moon token?
Reddit began distributing the moon token this year to reward contributors to the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit. Moon token is an Ethereum-based and transferable token. Users receive the Moon token monthly with comments and posts they make on this subreddit. The token supply is 250 million.

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