Bitcoin Has Outpaced Other Asset Classes Over The Past 10 Years

Bitcoin, with its high performance as an asset class, has been on the agenda quite often, especially in 2020. Bitcoin, which has consolidated its status due to corporate investment, has recently managed to maintain its peak in shared data. Bitcoin, which closed first with a return rate of 203.5%, surpassing other asset classes in 10 years, also attracted the attention of corporate names. The CEO of Microstrategy was one of them.

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, one of the first names that comes to mind when it comes to corporate Bitcoin investments, made a statement referring to the chart Charlie Bilello shared on the returns of asset classes over the past 10 years. This data, shared by Charlie Bilello, founder of Compound Capital Advisors, shows that Bitcoin has performed much better over the past 10 years than many asset classes such as Nasdaq, gold, commodities, bonds, and bonds.


Michael Saylor warns investors
Bitcoin, which managed to generate a return of 1473% in 2011, has performed well enough to stay one step ahead of other assets, despite the high decline it saw in 2014 and 2018. Michael Saylor, who did not miss this situation, also gave portfolio advice to investors. Saylor said:

“Thoughtful investors will find that the riskiest decision they can make is to ignore Bitcoin or not invest enough. Placing Bitcoin at only 1% means destroying all wealth with low-performing, high-risk assets in 99% of the portfolio.”

Investor Rich Rogers, who was among those commenting on Saylor, also gave an opinion on the matter. Rogers said the current wave of users are coming to Bitcoin, a store of value, and that they will continue to come for the benefit, strength and function of BTC in the future.

A similar exchange came from PlanB
Popular Bitcoin analyst PlanB, showing in a chart that BTC has outperformed all other assets, said:

“Bitcoin outperforms all other assets; it offers more returns and is less risky (yes, you read right: it’s less risky).”

The orange dot represents 10% Bitcoin and cash between 2011-2020, while the dark blue dot represents bonds, gold and the S&P 500 index. Facebook Yesil, Google Yesil, Apple yellow, Netflix green and Amazon pink, while other spots show the shares of major companies: dark blue Facebook, Light Blue Google, yellow apple, green Netflix and pink Amazon.

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