Bitcoin (BTC) Whales in Action: Crazy Amounts are Moving!

Two of the world’s largest bitcoin (BTC) whales carry crazy amounts of cryptocurrency. As we reported yesterday, cryptocurrency traders are following a pair of eye-catching bitcoin transactions that have dropped like a bomb on the agenda.

The first Bitcoin whale in question carried 24,494 BTC worth $ 473 million from one unknown wallet to another. The sending wallet, which is now empty according to BitInfoCharts, was the 27th largest in the world before the transfer. A separate and also unidentified wallet also moved 32,352 BTC worth $ 627 million to a newly created different wallet. The sending wallet, which is also fully emptied, is the largest 22 that existed before the transfer. it was a wallet.

It Could Be The Same Person Who Made The Transfers
Both transfers were initially identified by the BTC Block Bot, an automated account that tracks significant Bitcoin transactions on Twitter. Both of the major crypto owners appear to have sent a 1 BTC test process before sending larger transfers. The timing of these moves suggests that both transfers may be linked to the same pemrson or institution.

None of the addresses involved are known to be linked to any crypto exchange, storage provider or person. The whale or whales involved may be circulating funds for safety, or transfers may be linked to private over-the-counter sales.

Could it be MicroStrategy?
Cryptocurrency traders on Twitter are considering whether the transfers are linked to MicroStrategy, which has completed a $ 650 million bond sale to fund another major BTC buyout.

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