Bitcoin (BTC) for All Mankind! – Bitcoin investing (BTC) is very modern yet. A system that emerged just 12 years ago, and the innovations it offers in many ways, make it a more promising investment for all of humanity.

Bitcoin Investment, unlike many investments, is not linked to white supremacy. White supremacy is the product of a racist approach that white people are a better race in every way. Unfortunately, the number of people who think in this direction today is not small. White supremacy occurs in the form of colonists entering foreign lands and imposing their way of life on the natives. However, monopolization in various areas can also be evaluated in this context. The way white supremacy is now unfolding is a reflection of a men’s Club of white men who allow nothing to be different.

The research, conducted by the National Academy of Science (PNAS), notes that it has $ 69.1 trillion of global financial assets under management. PNAS research includes mutual funds, hedge funds, real estate and private equity. According to PNAS, the total number of women and people of different races (outside the white race) with these management assets is woefully less than 1.3%.

Bitcoin Is For Everyone!
Unlike the traditional financial system in the world, there is absolutely no distinction in Bitcoin like us or them. Because everyone has access to Bitcoin, no matter how much money they have. You know 1 Bitcoin is currently around 18,900. At first glance, buying Bitcoin sounds difficult because it’s expensive. But here’s the thing: you can get Bitcoin as much as you want. If you have $ 10, you can buy $ 10, if you have 10 euros, if you have 10 euros, if you have 10 pounds, you can buy 10 pounds worth of BTC. In short, you can get as much BTC as you can. The BTC technical report, published 12 years ago, is a guide that is easily accessible to everyone, not just a privileged minority.

Finally, there is no central player in Bitcoin investing, so there is little chance of discrimination as no one has a say in whether you can invest. While the BTC was not built on slavery, The Wall Street Wall was literally built by slaves.

Coinbase Incident
One of the reasons for this article is the strong claims that Coinbase is racist. If there’s no racism in the cryptocurrency world, then it’s like we hear what you’re saying about Coinbase. Race has been a topic that has come to the forefront of the cryptocurrency industry amid allegations against Coinbase. The New York Times published an article about Coinbase’s diversity policies. According to a New York Times article, there have been various incidents of discrimination, such as racist patterns in the hiring and promotion process. 11 Coinbase employees had complained about the abuse they faced.

Digital currencies such as BTC so accessible to people to buy, sell, store, transfer to a company that is known to assist that has a bad reputation is not surprising, though, is actually “decentralized” concept could be interpreted as to go beyond the actually to be expected for something. Because cryptocurrencies are based on decentralization, and cryptocurrency exchanges are far from this feature.

It’s not enough that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are accessible. The industry needs to make a greater effort to make sure everyone feels involved.

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