Bitcoin (BTC) Confession from Ethereum (ETH) Co-founder Vitalik Buterin

Buterin sold half his bitcoin funds before he founded Ethereum!

Vitalik Buterin, a co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency by total market capitalization, said he was forced to sell half of the bitcoins he owns in 2013. Buterin said on Twitter that he made the sale of the loaded BTC so as not to lose everything and get poor.

Sold Bitcoin (BTC) in 2013
Vitalik Buterin, one of the most recognized names in the cryptocurrency industry, is also one of the co-founders of Bitcoin Magazine. Although Buterin does not like to comment on the cryptocurrencies he owns, he sometimes has to answer incoming questions. His own cryptocurrency wealth is believed to range from $ 100 million to $ 200 million.

Buterin, who had such a significant fortune, sold almost as much as this to avoid being in trouble. The co-founder of Ethereum stated that he only had a few thousand dollars of capital when Ethereum was not even created about 7 years ago. However, if the value of BTC goes to zero, he sold half of his funds so as not to lose all his wealth and survive, Vitalik said.

How Much Is Vitalik’s Fortune?
Although Buterin did not disclose exactly how much BTC he sold, looking at the Bitcoin unit price in 2013, it seems that it ranged from $ 100 to $ 1,000. In other words, Buterin may have bought BTC at a very, very low price and sold it at similar prices. So, exactly how much Ethereum does Buterin have?

Looking at Vitalik Buterin’s main ETH wallet, it seems that it has about 333,348 ETH, i.e. $ 195 million. Vitalik donated 430 ETS in his wallet, which he used earlier, about $ 252,000, to the development of the Ethereum network and received great applause.

Cryptocurrencies Invested By Ethereum Co – Founder
The Ethereum co-founder is also known to have investments in BCH, DOGE, ZEC, KNC, MKR, OMG and REP. Although the amount of these is unknown, Buterin’s total wealth can be said to be more than $ 200 million. The price of Ethereum, on the other hand, has continued to rise in recent days, and this rise may add wealth to the fortune of the famous founder.

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