Billionaire Novogratz Unveils 2021 Year-End Bitcoin Forecast

Bitcoin investor and famous billionaire Mike Novogratz made statements about Bitcoin and regulations in a program he attended. Novogratz said he estimates Bitcoin could be up to $ 65k in December 2021. However, the billionaire said the lowest possible price for Bitcoin is $ 14,500.

Galaxy Digital CEO and bitcoin investor Mike Novogratz made some comments about Bitcoin on CNBC’s Squawk Box program. Bitcoin bull Novogratz has suggested that the price of Bitcoin could rise to the $ 65k band in late December 2021. “Currently, Bitcoin is as big as 3% of gold, but this can be up to 10%.” and stated that it wasn’t hard for the ascension.

The billionaire said the lowest estimate for BTC was $ 14,500 and commented::

“I would be very upset if Bitcoin fell below $ 14,500. But it can also mean well. In such a situation, we can see that the economy has recovered much faster than expected.”

Celebrity investor has also spoken out about the regulations
Speaking about the regulation of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Novogratz said that Bitcoin continues to rise despite the regulation talk about the cryptocurrency sector. However, the famous billionaire continued his words:

“You have to be careful about something. These regulations affect the constantcoins. Although these coins are not designed to go after Bitcoin or Ethereum, they are mostly aimed at retail companies.”

Uber gave its example
Describing the issue of regulation as an example, Novogratz recalled how the Uber CEO recorded growth in demand. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has broken regulations to keep the company afloat, Novogratz said, despite this, demand for Uber is rising.

“Customers wanted Uber. So Uber crossed the line. We can’t do that at Galaxy Digital because there are regulations. Many crypto companies are pushing the boundaries of these regulations.”

“I would prefer a regulation that would embrace cryptocurrencies, ” Novogratz said, speaking for his own company.” said.

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