Bill Miller, who manages billions of dollars, comments Bitcoin price expectation for 2022

bill miller btc price expectation statement

Bill Miller, head of the billion-dollar investment fund Legg Mason Capital Management, seems to have warmed to Bitcoin (BTC) quickly. Responding recently to Warren Buffett’s criticism that “Bitcoin is a rat poison,” Miller emphasized that it is “the poison of fiat money.” Miller has now released his 12-18-month forecast for the leading cryptocurrency.

How far can the price of Bitcoin rise from this level?
Miller stated in an interview with CNBC. He expected BTC to rise as much as 100% against the U.S. dollar. For this, the famous manager cut a period of 12-18 months:

“I have to say I don’t have a price target on the price target. I have price expectations, and for that matter, I expect Bitcoin to rise between 50% and 100% from that price point over the next 12-18 months.”

Bill Miller

According to Miller’s estimate, we can witness that the price of Bitcoin is $ 80,000 in early 2022.

Regulators can’t stop Bitcoin

Price of Bitcoin has previously experienced three major periods of Correction, Miller said. Miller said such a correction could come, and investors who “can’t handle it” should stay away from BTC.

Miller clarified the issue of regulators imposing bans on Bitcoin or similar bans:

“You can’t cut off the snake’s head from here. Bitcoin is decentralized. Close to 7,000 comments were made to the set of rules FinCEN submitted. The market has clearly shown that it is not worried about this.”

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