Bank of America: Bitcoin is third most popular investment

Bank of America, one of America’s largest banks, released its survey of fund managers for December. According to the survey, the most popular investment options this month were buying technology shares, taking positions against the dollar and buying Bitcoin, respectively.

Bank of America (BofA) published its monthly investor survey. This survey, which measures the view of investors in different groups of markets, showed that one of the most popular assets of December 2020 is Bitcoin (BTC). The survey included 217 fund managers managing a total of $ 576 billion in assets.

Bitcoin in third place
According to the Fund Managers survey, organized by BofA, the investor’s favorite thing in recent weeks has been long-term investment in technology companies. Technology shares have been peaking for eight months. Tesla stock, which can be cited as an example, rose from $ 408 to $ 639 in a month.

The second most popular thing among investors was to take positions against the US Dollar. The DXY, known as the dollar index, fell to 92.64 from 90.65 in the one-month timeframe. The survey also showed that the cash reserve in investors ‘ portfolio had fallen by as much as 4%.

Investors begin to take positions against the dollar.

Bitcoin was the third most favoured thing by investors in this month’s survey. The price of Bitcoin, which was $ 16,000 30 days ago, climbed 20% to $ 19,200. The popularity rate of these three options was announced at 52%, 17% and 15%, respectively.

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