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Another Sad Ending BTC Investment Story

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Cryptocurrency investor began buying Bitcoin in 2016 and has accumulated 13 BTC. Succumbing to his greed, the investor gradually sold the bitcoins he owned, leaving him with 0.15 BTC in his hand when he came so close to becoming a millionaire. Here’s the Bitcoin story of the investor who expressed his sadness.

Investor started buying Bitcoin in 2016, shared his regretful story on Reddit. Investor began his story by sharing an image from March 20, 2017, showing the amount of Bitcoin in his wallet and he had about 13 BTC at that time, and its value at that time stood at 13 thousand dollars. If investor had not sold 13 BTC, Bitcoin would have had 390 thousand dollars in hand, having seen a record high of 30 thousand dollars.

“This photo shows the amount of Bitcoin I had in March 2017. I started taking BTC in the fall of 2016 and had almost 13pc of BTC. If I hadn’t touched what I bought, I could have been a multi-millionaire in 5 years.”

Image of the BTC wallet belonging to the investor in 2017.

QASH gets token, wins 500 grand
After owning so much Bitcoin, investor said he had succumbed to his greed, set out to research to find a new project that no one knew about but was worth diamonds. Investor who had his eye on the QASH project invested some of his bitcoins in this project. Louiseaveryb, which earned $ 500k with QASH increasing by 500% in January 2018, said:

“I thought I was doing the right thing and would be a millionaire by the end of 2018. But then, Qash crashed, and I hoped he would rise again. Although I converted the QASH tokens I had in August to BTC, i only had 5 Bitcoins left.”

The QASH chart, which bounced in January 2018 and soon collapsed. Source

Sold bitcoin for $ 3k
Investor said that he had a difficult time economically due to family problems, he sold BTC for 3 thousand dollars to solve these problems. Investor completely sold the remaining five BTC, sold Bitcoins for a total of 15 thousand dollars.

“12 months ago I had half a million, and now I’m reset.”

And this time he got his eye on Tezos
Louiseaveryb, which decided to buy Bitcoin again when it recovered economically, said it could get 0.65 BTC. Investor stated that Bitcoin was at the level of 10 thousand dollars in the period he bought, again looked at new projects. The investor, who said he started doing research on Tezos (XTZ), bought xtz at $ 3 with 0.65 BTC in his hand, believing it was a good investment choice.

“Last spring, I bought xtz when Tezos was $ 3. Its price has since fallen. It’s now at $ 2. But if I stayed in Bitcoin, I’d have about 19 grand now. My Tezos investment is worth $ 4,300. That’s 0.148 BTC.”

1-year chart of Tezos. Source

Finally, the investor said he still hoped for Tezos, saying that greed hurts people:

“I still think Tezos could rise but I could keep my money in BTC and by taking Tezos now I could get a lot more than I have now. I didn’t learn my lesson last time, and I made the same mistake again.

But I still have something. I wish Tezos didn’t turn into another QASH case.”

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