Another day in bitcoin, another price record!

CryptoQuant CEO explained that 16% of Bitcoin's realized market value is owned by institutional investors

Bitcoin’s price reached $ 24,600 today, setting a new record. Altcoins, especially XRP and Litecoin, have also seen significant increases.

The price of Bitcoin set a new record on Christmas Day. The largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization has seen $ 24,600 today. The previous high was recorded at $ 24,298 on December 20, 2020. The price was $ 24,460 at 14.45 pm when the news went live.

The rise in the price of Bitcoin confirms that purchases are strong. In recent days, new investors have continued to be involved in cryptocurrency. Anthony Scaramucci, who recently served as an adviser to Trump for one term in the White House, had set up a $ 25 million bitcoin fund. On the other hand, the new BTC entry into the Bitcoin Fund of cryptocurrency investment company Grayscale continues steadily. In the last week alone, 36,419 BTC worth $ 890 million entered the fund. The total amount of Bitcoin in the fund thus exceeded 600 thousand, reaching 607,270.

XRP, which has experienced deep price declines this week, has also recovered somewhat with the price increase in Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency has risen 40 percent in the last 24 hours to $ 0.37.

Among the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies, other cryptocurrencies that stood out were Litecoin, which rose 17 percent to $ 121, and Cardano, which rose 17.5 percent to $ 0.17.

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