According To The Analyst, These 3 Airdrop Will Be Even Larger Than Uniswap

coinputin.com – Cryptocurrency analyst Tyler Swope has unveiled three cryptocurrency AirDrop that he believes will be even bigger than Uniswap.

During the live broadcast session, Swope told his 159,000 subscribers that he was watching his Honey Badger Hunt AirDrop carefully. Behind the AirDrop is the Badger DAO project. Swope says those taking key steps will be eligible to join AirDrop.

“A large majority of us here can participate in this airdrop. I say that because I did one of the actions. I think the more action you take, the more you will achieve, but I’m not 100% sure about that…

There are close to 20-22 actions: join SUSHI governance, borrow wBTC on Compound, deposit/borrow wBTC on AAVE, yearn.participate in finance governance…”

Swope also points out the Val token’s Sora Network (xor) AirDrop, which it says is worth $ 4.

December 2020 February 2021 will be distributed through 94.57 VAL airdrop for each XOR during the first year of the SORA V2 network. “so basically, all ERC-20 Sora owners are switching to Sora V2 mainnet, which they say will come between December 2020 and February 2021. Not all of them will be distributed at the same time. It will be distributed throughout the year, but I’m sure most of it will be through airdrop. So this month, another big airdrop may come.”

Another airdrop that Swope is following is from dYdX, a decentralized derivatives exchange that uses pools of borrowing and lending to facilitate margin trading. Swpoe said it was pursuing an airdrop that dYdX founder Antonio Juliano thought would perform for users on the platform.

“I think this is going to be bigger than we imagined because dYdX is one of the protocols I’ve seen why regulations come pretty close to putting others in a difficult position and moving forward.

Big backers: Andreessen Horowitz, I think Coinbase is also involved…”

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