600 BTC out of Mt. Gox’s Bitcoin wallet

It was revealed that 600 BTC was transferred from a wallet on the Mt. Gox exchange, which lost 850 thousand bitcoins (BTC) due to the hacking attack it suffered. Whale Alert, which made the notification, showed the value of BTC transferred was over $ 13 million. No official statement has yet been made on the matter.

Mt. Gox, the exchange where most of the world’s Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency transactions were carried out when it was founded, went bankrupt in 2014, announcing that it had lost 850 thousand BTC in a hacking attack. The users who will receive it from the stock exchange are waiting for the distribution of 150 thousand BTC to be given. As this process continues, De Whale Alert announced on Twitter that 600 bitcoins have been sent from a Mt. Gox cold wallet to an unknown wallet.

However, it is worth reminding that there is no official statement yet and Whale Alert has issued a false alarm regarding the Mt. Gox wallet in the past.


Commenting on the issue on Twitter, a Bitcoin investor named Hsaka said Whale Alert’s announcement was probably flawed. In addition, a research organization called CryptoQuant suggested that the address Whale Alert called Mt. Gox was incorrect; it was an address belonging to F2Pool.

Although the transfer transaction in question is not large, the Mt. Gox Exchange may have already started to distribute the remaining 150 thousand BTC, FXStreet reported.

Mt. Gox will pay 150 thousand BTC in compensation
In 2014, users sued the Mt. Gox exchange, which lost 850 thousand bitcoins in a hack attack, and it was decided that the exchange would pay 150 thousand BTC in compensation to users. The exchange lawyer, who presented the payment plan to the Tokyo court, said Mt. Gox representatives would disclose details about the payment. Although the payment plan was delivered on December 15, 2020, there has yet to be a move on compensation from the stock market.

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