5 News Altcoin Investors Should Watch Out For This Week

Altcoin investors have begun to wonder whether this mobility could also trigger a rally for altcoins. So what are the key developments to follow for altcoin investors this week

In the week that followed, the cryptocurrency world was awash with the record of Bitcoin price, while the leading altcoin Ethereum also attacked. The record for the price of Bitcoin was over 28 thousand dollars, and the price of ETH exceeded the $ 700 dam. Meanwhile, the altcoin market, which fell Big last week, began to signal a recovery. The total value of the cryptocurrency world exceeded $ 730 billion.

The Bitcoin rally started positively for the cryptocurrency world this week, with participation on the Ethereum front. With the recent rise, BTC’s market capitalization stood at almost $ 500 billion, while Ether’s market capitalization exceeded $ 80 billion. Altcoin investors have begun to wonder whether this mobility could also trigger a rally for altcoins. So what are the key developments to follow for altcoin investors this week?

December 28-Cartesi (CTSI)

  • What is it: Cartesi is a project aimed at installing an operating system for decentralized applications (DApps).
  • What will happen: Mainnet takes place and reserve mining begins.
  • Why it matters: the project aims to ensure that complex calculations work outside the blockchain without compromising the decentralized structure.
  • What will change: with Mainnet, CTSI users can make their decentralized applications significantly more powerful, easy to develop, and portable.

December 28 – Fire Protocol (FIRE)

  • What is it: it is a project that aims to drive a long-term store of value to the market while keeping security at the forefront.
  • What will happen: IDO takes place at Polkastarter for FIRE.
  • Why it matters: FIRE aims to reduce the total supply and increase the scarcity of circulating supply by burning 10% of the transfer value for each transaction.
  • What will change: the DeFi protocol aims to raise capital to make the necessary improvements for the project with IDO, which is expected to happen.

December 28-Swingby (SWINGBY)

  • What it is: Swingby is a bridge project aimed at connecting Bitcoin to other blockchains.
  • What to do: Chaos-Mainnet bridge to Swingby begins operation.
  • Why it matters: with Swingby, users can move BTC between blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Chain without relying on a central repository. So they can access DeFi services such as liquidity pools and DeX transactions.
  • What will change: with this bridge, Swingby users can easily move their Bitcoins to WBTC for the Ethereum network reliably without the need for another broker.

December 29 – KardiaChain (KAI)

  • What it is: Kardiachain is a publicly traded blockchain platform with a focus on interoperability, providing a hybrid blockchain solution for South and East Asian countries.
  • What will happen: mainnet for KardiaChain is happening.
  • Why it is important: Kai” Dual Node ” technology allows cross-chain communication with any network regardless of protocol.
  • What will change: with mainnet, KardiaChain aims to enable millions of users to be reached by avoiding the high cost of educating users and the market for businesses.

January 1 – Unifi Protocol (UNIFI)

  • What is it: Unifi Protocol is a decentralized, interoperability, multi-chain smart contract group that provides the building blocks for Defi enhancements.
  • What will happen: stake activities on Ethereum for UNFI begin.
  • Why it matters: the project aims to provide a bridge to connect the economy of DeFi products to growing DeFi markets over other blockchains.
  • What will change: UNFI investors will be able to staking under the Ethereum network.
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