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5 Interesting messages on Bitcoin and Blockchain history

Numerous messages have been posted to the Bitcoin blockchain so far, from marriage proposals to insults. And what were the most famous and loud ones?

The most famous of the messages placed on the Bitcoin blockchain was written by Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin. First block of Bitcoin, issued on January 3, 2009, contained a message referring to its intention to create an alternative form of money in the midst of the 2008-2009 global economic crisis.

Message was the headline of the UK-based newspaper The Times on January 3, 2009:

“The Times 03 / Jan / 2009 the Chancellor is on the verge of a second bailout for banks”

WikiLeaks, which made a big noise by serving classified information belonging to the United States to the world, also preferred the way to publish messages with Bitcoin. Responding to a fake news story by the far-right wev site 8chan, WikiLeaks used Bitcoin wallets to deliver a message:

“We’re fine. The 8chan shipment is fake.”

WikiLeaks, as it is known, has been accepting donations with Bitcoin for years. The organization has received more than 4 thousand BTC to date, with a total value of $ 80 million.

Hacker group The Shadow Brokers, which first appeared in the summer of 2016 and published hacking programs used by the NSA, also sent cryptic messages with Bitcoin. Hackers were sending the NSA with the first character of Bitcoin addresses, a reference to Rick Astley’s song Never Gonna Give You Up:

  • Never gonna give you up
  • Never gonna let you down
  • I’ll never give up on you.
  • I won’t never let you down

Addresses to which those messages were transmitted:

  • 1never9kNNkr27UseZSHnaEHg1z8v3Mbb
  • 1gonnaV3MFNjymS4RGvUbHACstiS8aSYz
  • 1giveGEk184Gwep2KT4UBPTcE9oqWzCVr
  • 1youKBMLEohsexdZtkvnTzHnc4iU7Ffty
  • 1upAbpBEWQ467QNT7i4vBMVPzSfQ3sqoq
  • 1never9kNNkr27UseZSHnaEHg1z8v3Mbb
  • 1gonnaV3MFNjymS4RGvUbHACstiS8aSYz
  • 11etAyypstpXLQpTgoYmYzT8M2foBSBe1
  • 1youKBMLEohsexdZtkvnTzHnc4iU7Ffty
  • 1downAsBbRQcBfUj8rgQomqhRsNFf1jMo

Another famous message was seen before the third Bitcoin block prize was split. The last block mining pool before this half-year in May was taken out by F2Pool and the company has put the following message on the block:

“NYTimes 09 / Apr / 2020 the Fed’s $ 2.3 trillion plan made a difference to the bailout in 2008”

Similar to what Satoshi Nakamoto did for the Times headline, this message refers to the New York Times headline on April 9, 2020, saying that the actors who drive financial markets go beyond what they did in 2008.

Last remarkable message was published recently. Price of Bitcoin set a new record earlier this month, while the oldest cryptocurrency mining pool, Slush Pool, also posted the following headline on the subject by world-famous news agency Reuters 659678. block noted:

“The dollar crashed along with hopes of an incentive package, while Bitcoin reached the highest level in its history”

There are 6 ways to put a message in a blockchain using fields such as the Coinbase parameter or OP_RETURN. Over the years, human curiosity and desire to give a message are very clear. A lot of messages are uploaded to Blockchain, sometimes meaningful and sometimes irrational.

You don’t have to be a Bitcoin miner to publish a message. Messages remain forever on the block where they were written. For them to disappear, either humanity or Bitcoin must disappear. A copy of the message written with about 100 thousand support accounts that exist distributed all over the world remains. Blockchain also has detailed guides to record your own message. For those who don’t want to worry about installing Bitcoin Core, Eternity Wall, the Infinity Wall, does all the hard work and allows your message to live forever. Even if the Site crashes or disappears, the message remains in the Bitcoin blockchain for the next generations.

As Nic Carter, known for his investments in Bitcoin and anti-authoritarian Technologies, said, there are at least 6 marriage proposals in the blockchain. It is not known whether the people who made the offers saw the messages, but it is also possible to see these messages when we enter the word we want to search after entering Blockchair’s blockchain explorer.

There are also profanity and racial slurs

It is a fact that more insults and curses are written than marriage proposals. A word beginning with the letter N, which is considered a great insult to blacks, whose use is prohibited by law in the United States, has been added to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain more than 60 times to date. There is no specific explanation for why it was added to Bitcoin Cash. A word that begins with the letter F, which is an English profanity, was used more than a thousand times. Although these messages do not directly strike the human eye, a number of tools and projects have been developed to uncover these mysteries in the Bitcoin ledger.

A Florida-based agency has developed an interactive art app to decode blockchain messages about it and expose them. Messages that will remain in the blockchain forever, such as cryptic poems, compliments, have been turned into a form of digital graffiti.

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