2021 bitcoin forecasts from industry’s top names

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Some leading figures in the cryptocurrency industry have shared their Bitcoin price forecasts for 2021.

Explaining their forecasts to Token daily, they say that overall they believe 2021 will be a big year for Bitcoin.

Meltem Demirors, Chief Strategy Officer of investment company CoinShares, expects Bitcoin to rise above 100 thousand dollars. Joey Krug, one of the directors of Pantera Capital, One of the largest cryptocurrency investment companies, predicts that Bitcoin will be 100 thousand dollars and Ethereum will be 2 thousand dollars.

Jason Lau, Chief Operating Officer of the cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin, says corporate players will almost compete to buy leading cryptocurrencies;

“Corporate adoption of Bitcoin will only get stronger, dominating the Bitcoin news cycle and driving those prices up, ” Lau said. The second half of 2020 was just a trailer for what will happen.”

Alex Adelman, Chief Executive of Bitcoin rewards platform Lolli, expects more corporate adoption as he believes publicly traded companies like Tesla will also include Bitcoin in their balance sheets.

Taking this a step further, Su Zhu, founder and chief executive of fund management company Three Arrows Capital, suggests that a number of central banks will use Bitcoin as a reserve currency.

Other executives, meanwhile, are predicting legal regulations will create problems next year.

Square crypto’s Matt Corallo predicts regulators will step up their attacks on the cryptocurrency industry. Imran Khan of Volt Capital predicts that two worlds will form in decentralized finance (DeFi) as regulations in the US hamper the growth of this nascent field. Khan predicts that Asia will be more free and innovative in this regard than the United States.

But not everyone expects regulators to block the growth of the cryptocurrency sector. Blockchain Capital’s Joshua Rivera sees a Bitcoin ETF on the horizon as Grascale’s GBTC and Bitwise’s Bitw face exorbitant premiums in digital wealth fund products.

In addition, Matthew Walsh of Castle Island Ventures says regulations will improve in BTC’s favour:

“The SEC’s clarity on Custodial Services under Rule 15c3 – 3 will pave the way for a higher level of institutional participation in the sector. A US-based pension fund will declare it has received Bitcoin, and multiple Bitcoin ETFs will be approved.”

Colleen Sullivan of SAT Digital also claims that 2021 will be the year of regulators.

Casey Caruso of Bessemer Venture Partners notes that the percentage of Bitcoin held by institutions will double, while most tokens will lose value.

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